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product marketing success

Troupe tracks and quantifies the impact of messaging and positioning on revenue throughout your funnel and pipeline.
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How it works

Build your messaging foundation

Tailor your messaging framework by Product, Persona, Use Case, and more. Seamlessly sync assets, sales interactions, and CRM data for analysis and scoring.

Analyze and score with AI

Score assets and interactions based on messaging alignment and sentiment. Measure and visualize the impact of your messaging on pipeline and revenue.

React and iterate

React and adjust more quickly to insights, maximizing what's working and improving what's not. Use data to drive alignment and resource priorities.
For marketers
Get visibility and real metrics for your messaging performance
Monitor the performance of assets and interactions at scale
Create alignment in your cross-functional teams
Drive alignment and higher ROI across your go-to-market teams
For Organizations
Reduce sales cycle length, competitive losses, and pushed deals
Increase engagement and conversions across the buyer journey
Reduce cost per MQL and SQL
Improve close rates
Product Marketing is seen as a 'dark art' but it shouldn't be.
Its impact should be clear: measurable and more easily scalable.
Jake Sorofman
CMO at Visier

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