Connect. Commute. Enjoy.

Make deeper personalised connections with Troüpe's AI

Troüpe is an AI mobility platform that converts travel downtime into uptime by creating meaningful people to people and people to content connections.


Take Advantage of Time Spent Commuting

Troüpe's AI connects commuters to create rich dynamic, smart relationships to actually take advantage of time spent commuting. Troüpe is changing the way the world connects. 

Platform Overview



With Troüpe's Enterprise solution employers can empower a culture of collaboration, mentoring, up-skilling, and cross-skilling both inside the office as well as outside. Connect your employees as they commute to work, from work, and at work.  



Troüpe's Event solutions allows event organizers to give control to in their attendees hands. Networking at events has never been easier add networking to and from the event into the mix and see your engagement metrics shine!


Mobility Solutions

Is your Carsharing or Ridesharing really differentiated in the market? Troüpe's AI-as-a-Service product helps mobility solutions truly differentiate themselves from others in the market by personalizing the ride experience. 

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Our Team

The Average commute time is 68 minutes a day. We take our commute time seriously and want the world to do the same.

Our team is passionate. about the solutions we are building. We are Troüpers at heart and are working away to make the world Connect. Commute. Enjoy.

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